In order to have young beekeepers, one needs to form beekeeping clubs. This task is never easy, so to support you, BeeGuard, led by Jiri Cafourek, created a series of videos to support young leaders, give ideas for content and motivate young beekeepers to follow their hobby. Just watch, learn and enjoy!

Season 1

Pilot episode

How to lead a beekeeping club

Beekeeping equipment

Quiz about Beekeeping equipment made by Jan Podpera

Frame building workshop

Bee Anatomy I

Bee Anatomy II

Bee Forage

Queen bee

How to Make a Nucleus Honeybee Colony

Honey harvest

Honey Gingerbread Cookies

First aid in a beekeeping club

Beekeeping museum excursion

Beekeeping Competition

Winter is coming

Season 2

Education of Beekeeping instructors

Insect hotels


Popularization of beekeeping

Bee products

Quiz about Bee products made by Jan Podpera

Beekeeping Club Assistants